Consumer / Electronics

Safe transport of valuable components

NMC foam solutions protect efficient and custom household appliances from the manufacturer to the customer. High quality electronic systems in industry and research are protected optimally, including during frequent transport, and electrostatic charges are hindered effectively.

Our functions

Some standard products

Suitable for the consumer electronic sector

  • System Antistatic

    For electrical installations in which electrostatic charging should be avoided. Available on enquiry.

  • U HD

    — Ideal for heavy items that necessitate a high compressive strength.
  • System

    — Particularly suitable for sensitive items such as medical or high-tech products. Also ideal for the manufacture of frames.
  • WS Corner 70°

    — Effective protection with inner reinforcement for acute and fragile angles.
  • NOMATEC® Plank

    — The extremely shock absorbing properties of the material provide an effective protection against impact, which makes NOMATEC® Plank an easy choice to protect efficiently your product.