Offshore industry

Safety for people and sea

NMC foam profiles are environmentfriendly, recyclable and durable. Thanks to their flexibility, light weight and high buoyancy, they can be used even in salt water and heavy swell. The wide variety of applications as in shock absorbers, buoys and piers, in the fishing industry, offshore wind farms and in fighting oil spills make this indestructible material indispensable.

Some standard products

Suitable for the offshore industry

  • C Rectangular

    Environmentally friendly, flexible, lightweight and high buoyancy.

  • O Round

    — Environmentally friendly, flexible, lightweight and high buoyancy.
  • NOMATEC® Floating rescue slide

    — This new type of surface rescue raft was developed to be used by rescue services and border guard detachments, as well as on board ships and large boats. The raft was tested in marine conditions with a wave height of one metre: the raft performed well and rescuers could work safely, as the raft created a suitable buffer zone between them and the intensely rocking boat. Suitable for harsh marine conditions, water, ice and slush.
  • NOMATEC® Plank

    — The extremely shock absorbing properties of the material provide an effective protection against impact, which makes NOMATEC® Plank an easy choice to protect efficiently your product.