Personal protection

Protected in all circumstances

NMC foam materials are indispensable in water, as lifejackets or non-slip boat mats, as well as on land in bike helmets or jackets, as knee and elbow pads. They are used for safety and comfort in children’s seats, bicycle saddles, soles, work clothing as well as for transporting horses and keeping them in stalls.

Our functions

Some standard products

Suitable for the personal protection

  • Tuff Pad

    Ideal to protect kids while playing and climbing on playgrounds, trampolines or other games areas.


    — NOMA® PROTECT WARNING PROFILES with their signal colour warn of dangers and offer reliable impact protection with a high shock absorbing effect.
  • NOMATEC® Plank

    — The extremely shock absorbing properties of the material provide an effective protection against impact, which makes NOMATEC® Plank an easy choice to protect efficiently your product.