Window industry

Energy efficient windows secured at the construction site

Our protection and packaging profiles ensure flawless delivery of the finished product. Custom-made specially for the respective project, the foam profiles contribute significantly to improving the energy balance successfully thanks to their high insulating value, and thus meet the latest legal requirements.

Our functions

Some standard products

Suitable for the window construction

  • WS 33×26 CYC

    — Reliable protection for glass items, mirrors and sensitive metal parts. With "V" mitred cut and perforations at distances of 160 mm for cutting to length yourself.
  • C Rectangular

    Packaging pads for separating sensitive goods or fixing them in place. The pads are pre-punched so that the desired length can be cut off simply and cleanly.

  • U Tulip Stretch + corner

    — With protected strech system for widths of more than 120 mm.
  • Glass Pad

    Prevents scratches or scuffs and holds solely due to its suction force, which does not leave any residues or traces behind.

  • NOMATEC® Plank

    — The extremely shock absorbing properties of the material provide an effective protection against impact, which makes NOMATEC® Plank an easy choice to protect efficiently your product.