High performance foam materials with multi-faceted properties



The thermal and acoustic insulation value of NMC foam components can be used for all purposes: from civil engineering via medical applications, via transport, NMC has a specific application for every sector.


Sealing joints

Every type of joint requires an appropriate seal. NMC makes sealing materials in particular for humidity and noise that can be used in housing and road construction, the automobile sector, railways and bridges.


Noise prevention and noise damping

Our products help make our environment quieter and therefore less stressful. High absorption values are attained in structure- and air-borne sound. They are used in rail transport, airports and road transport, as partitions, clapper guard, decoupling or as cabin lining.


For transport, processing and storage

Our solutions for permanent protection from vibrations and impact, for people and sensitive goods. The NMC foam products provide safety (in helmets, as pads or spring mats), protect bars and railings as well as bodies and joints and thus prevent injuries.


Comfort thanks to good adaptability

The NMC foam products are perfect for upholstery in various forms: from seats to ergonomic mattresses, children’s car seats to sport mats, the special foams are produced to measure for the finished product to ensure optimal comfort.


A light permanent structure

Our protection and packaging profiles are light as a feather, save room and thus transport costs. Our foam solutions can be used in particular as structural foam in the transport industry or caravans, as well as in construction in wooden houses.


Usable on all waters

Our light, stable and above all chemically neutral foam materials can be used ecologically in all sectors where the high floatability of this polymer material is indispensable.