For an all-round safe transport and comfortable driving experience

Comfort is a matter of the right technique. In the transport our foams are used for acoustic insulation in doors and storage areas and as filler in many bearing components. Other applications include passenger compartments or efficient protection against excessive heating or cold of various components in the engine compartment, making modern transport even more efficient.

Some standard products

Suitable for the transport sector

  • PAD 25 mm

    Protect bumpers against shocks and scratches during transport.

  • C 25×10-10

    — Provide flexible protection for long and narrow items, such as shock absorber guides, among other things.
  • WS 60×30

    — Transport protector for windscreens. The symmetry of the profile with inner hole reinforcement is adapted to the pane.
  • NOMATEC® Plank

    — The extremely shock absorbing properties of the material provide an effective protection against impact, which makes NOMATEC® Plank an easy choice to protect efficiently your product.